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What does that mean… well. “Here” is a perspective of the environment that you are residing in, right? What it means to me is to be present as much as I can be. As i grow I am able to be more mindful of my perceptions and allow thoughts to come and go so as to not hold on to the moment as that would be the past.

Living in the moment we have all heard that. So why is it so important? For me it is a way for me to experience what every I am doing or not doing to the fullest that I can. That allows me to respond instead of reacting to life. When I let judgement and labels fall away and I am truly out of my mind and in the moment I have the opportunity to slip into that timelessness space that a child does when the see things for the first time. So I invite you to see the moment for what it is and experience all that life has to offer. Today is the first of a long line of blogs. Thank you for your time


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