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Sacred Geometry power wear

Soon to open our shop with power wear with sacred geometry, fractal and unique art.

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Hand blown glass

Incredible art from Sylica Studios from the hill country of Texas. Deep in the thicket that is outside of Austin Brian brings us beautiful art from chandeliers to pipes.

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Dreaming big......

Soon to offer online classes and community around natural healing meathods including nutrition, qigong, yoga, meditation and breath work. Our first responsibility to ourselves and others is our health as we cannot help ourselves or anyone else if we suffer.

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We are here……

What does that mean… well. “Here” is a perspective of the environment that you are residing in, right? What it means to me is to be present as much as I can be. As i grow I am able to be more mindful of my perceptions and allow thoughts to come and go so as […]

Shop open Now

We are putting together our own art, and products that we believe in. We will be bringing you more from the community. As our vision is to empower our community locally and globally to connect and exchange ideas, energy, products and more.. Our first two artists are Matt Brightside Evans A renascence man that that […]

Embarking on our dreams

Exciting news We are launching our dreams and desires into another realm and bringing you a conscience , mindful community based way to purchase local art, products, food attend events, connect with your community local and globally. I cannot say Welcome to our Ohana as your have already been in our Ohana as you are […]

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