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Matt Brightside Evans

A visionary renaissance is the driving force behind Matt’s dreams and drive.Through many adventures and journeys he has so much to share. From his art to his classes his main drive is to see the renaissance of our time.djedi2.0sq As a leather smith in the renaissance fairs through the 80’s, he learned the skills of a craftsman with the freedom of an artist. With many years in the techno world of the internet and data centers Matt brings a skill set of engineering and artistry. As a Qigong instructor he brings the energy of life into all of his creations and actions. He is bringing us the culmination of many of his studies as understanding the energy, matter and perspective. Tune is as we have many discussions on what is.

As an artist he brings new vibrations to what we wear and accessorize with. Each piece of art is seen in what it can do for the person wearing it. With fractal and sacred geometry as the basis for the energy flow they inspire and empower our connecting with that flow. Someone just seeing the images as you wear them can inspire and empower all around you.

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